Prison Architect – NoSlack Novak’s Let’s Play Series

Prison Architect is a simulation/builder game where you design your own prison and control everything from the daily schedule to the quality of the prisoners’ food.

Prison Architect was one of the very first games that I started to make videos about. The first series only lasted eight episodes, and they weren’t very good.

After moving to playing other games, I eventually found myself returning Prison Architect because it’s the exact style game that I absolutely love to sit and play for hours. The building, the managing, the creativity that goes into solving problems… The second series really took off and ended up having well over 300,000 views!

Because of the past success and after a brief pause from making videos on a constant basis, Prison Architect is making a comeback with a third “Let’s Play” of the series. The video above is the initial episode of that series and I hope to continue to play this game for years to come.

If you do enjoy it, I’m sure you’ll also want to get into the Motorsport Manager series that has 78 videos in its playlist so far!


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